SnowSports Gear

As with the Outdoor Industry, there are 100s upon 100s of SnowSports brands.  While skis, snowboards, and bindings, for example, are unique to the industry, there is a huge amount of cross-over.  Many companies serve both by developing specific products for each industry independently.  Yet many brands have products that can be used by both industries without any adaptations, such as thermal apparel, compression gear, and hydration systems.

Our role at Southern Ascent is to help you understand what’s available for your snowsports adventures.  We attend SnowSports Industry Trade Shows around the world, talk with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and sample or test a lot of the gear directly, much of it before being released to the public.  By doing so, we can inform you of your options in terms of snow gear and what we found works best for any particular activity.

Click through the various menus on the Southern Ascent website to find what you are looking for, or try the Search function.  Otherwise, you can scroll through an archive of snow-related gear reviews, trends and profiles by clicking on this SnowSports link or the drop down menu above.

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