Fibres & Fabrics

If your interest in your Outdoor or SnowSports gear goes beyond the fit, comfort, look or colours, then read on.  It’s essentially the fibres and fabrics in your gear, and how they are ultimately constructed, that help create a lot of the technical performance.  The gear you purchase will come with tags, stitching or even little metal plates with names like Gore-Tex, Thinsulate, PrimaLoft and many, many more.  Each will make a claim to being warmer or dryer or more durable or more water resistant.  Some gear is so loaded up with tags, it’s hard to distinguish the benefit each is supposed to bring to you and how they all work together.

Our goal at Southern Ascent is to provide you with the background information to various fibres and fabrics to help you with your choice of gear.  We attend Outdoor and SnowSports Industry Trade Shows around the world, talk with the fibre and fabric manufacturers, and sample or test the gear a lot of those fibres and fabrics ultimately end up in so we can be assured they live up to their claims.  By doing so, we can inform you of your options in terms of outdoor gear and what we found works best for any particular activity.

Click through the various menus on the Southern Ascent website to find what you are looking for, or try the Search function.  Otherwise, you can scroll through an archive of fibre and fabric gear reviews, trends and profiles by clicking on this Fibre & Fabrics link or the drop down menu above.

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