Activewear & Lifestyle

One of the fastest growing segments of the Outdoor market is Activewear (also referred to as Lifestyle, Athleisure or even Ath-Fash).  It’s the combination of functionality and fashion that is taking the world by storm.  From the gym or yoga class into other everyday pursuits, people don’t want to have to change clothes for every activity.  Advances in fibres, fabrics and the construction processes of the apparel itself have all made this possible.  And some very clever brand strategies and marketing efforts will see the Activewear segment continue to grow steadily into the future.

At Southern Ascent, we’re about the technologies behind the products.  We want consumers to understand what they are buying, as well as to ensure they are getting good quality, as opposed to a cheap, disposable knock-off.  With that in mind, our focus is on those brands that have an Activewear range of apparel to support their growth, but which leverage the many special technologies available in the Outdoor and SnowSports industries.  Brands that still spend on technological Research & Development.  Brands that still make high-tech gear.  Brands that apply this knowledge, this quality, this rigour to the Activewear products you want to wear for your adventures… or just casually.

So, for Activewear reviews, trends and profiles, click through the various menus on the Southern Ascent website to find what you are looking for by product category, or try the Search function.  Otherwise, you can scroll through an archive of Activewear-related articles by clicking on this Activewear link or the drop down menu above.