What We Do:

Welcome to Southern Ascent. Our goal is to create an important source for innovative Outdoor and SnowSports gear news, gear reviews and gear trends with a connection to Australia and New Zealand. In talking to manufacturers, distributors and retailers, we’ve heard over and over how there is no centralised, comprehensive source in these countries for information on gear and equipment for Outdoor and SnowSports Industry professionals and consumers. We’ve been doing this for years in North America at our award-winning affiliate, The GearCaster, and are now bringing this formula to the southern hemisphere.

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Who We Are:

 Don Jurries

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Demelza Clay

Cecilia Dowd Cecilia Dowd

Amy Jurries Amy Jurries

 Phil Sawyer

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  1. Hi – Dahlgren Footwear is a US-based sock manufacturer seeking a distribution partner for Australia and New Zealand. Our patented Dri-Stride (r) wicking system together with our unique blend of alpaca and merino wool fibers provide us a superior product comfort and performance story. Please contact me at the e-mail below if you have any recommendations or contacts who may be interested in further discussions. Thank you!

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