Teva Riva Peak Waterproof Hiking Boot

Teva Riva Peak Hiking BootWhile Teva® may be better known for their comfortable, self-expressive sandals and shoes, there’s also a highly technical side to the company that doesn’t get as much exposure. The Teva Riva Peak Hiking Boot is a prime example. It’s a skilfully designed boot that uses some of the world’s best technologies in its composition.  And for brands such as Teva, positioned in the Activewear and Lifestyle segments of the Outdoor market, I actually prefer to test their technical products. I then feel more comfortable with the quality of their entire range.

The Teva Riva Peak is a waterproof performance hiking boot with a range of top quality technologies. It’s a mid-cut boot that helps protect and support the ankle, keeps cuts and grazes at bay, and pebbles and dirt out of the boot on loose terrain. It was designed primarily by Teva Europe to withstand wet, muddy and rugged trails, and has been popular in the UK and Northern Europe. 

Teva’s penchant for comfort comes through in its design. The upper is made from nubuck leather, a fine-grained cowhide. It’s 2 mm thick, with 2.2 mm in strategic areas. Nubuck is sanded or buffed to give it a look similar to suede, but is more resistant. In addition, Teva’s patented Mush® EVA midsole adds exceptional comfort while hiking, as well as Teva’s soft Shoc PadTM for extra shock absorption in the heel.

Teva Riva Peak Hiking Boot (Vibram Outsole)What differentiates the Teva Riva Peak for me, however, is the Vibram® outsole and the use of an eVent® fabrics membrane as a waterproof lining. Vibram is an Italian company credited with inventing the rubber lug soles now used by over 1,000 footwear manufacturers. The Teva Riva Peak uses a heavy-duty, aggressive lug pattern (or tread) that grips most surfaces, wet or dry. Paired with Vibram, is an eVent waterproof membrane lining in the upper that contains millions of microscopic holes to allow water vapour (sweat) to escape, but are too small for rain or water to enter. While not as well known outside the industry as GoreTex®, for example, eVent fabrics has had some big backers, initially as a subsidiary of General Electric, before being sold to CLARCOR (formerly GE Power and Water’s Air Filtration business) in 2013.

eVent Direct Venting MembraneThe Teva Riva Peak is classified as a three-season hiking boot, suitable for some pretty tough conditions when hiking, trekking or bushwalking. I’d be inclined to wear it year-round except in deep snow when I prefer of full-cut boot. With that said, be aware that fitting the Teva Riva Peak is important. The forefoot is based on a Northern European last, which suits a medium to wide foot. If you have a narrow forefoot, look for a different boot.

Teva is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by True Alliance. The Teva Riva Peak can be found at numerous Outdoor retail outlets, such as Paddy Pallin’s in Australia and Bivouac in New Zealand. RRP is A$299.95, but shop around as I’ve seen it discounted up to 20 percent.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos: Teva, Vibram and eVent fabrics Media Images

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