Sea to Summit Sleeping Mats – Better Night’s Sleep Means a Better Next Day

Sea to Summit - Sleeping MatsSea to Summit’s new range of Sleeping Mats is out to prove that a better night’s sleep means a better next day.  While comfort is the driving goal, weight has also been taken into account to give you choice given the breadth of possible activities in the outdoors.  This allows for an extensive range, from Ultralight to Comfort Plus, an option for extra insulation, and tapered and rectangular styles for the Comfort Plus line.  All are based on Sea to Summit’s core technology of Air Sprung CellsTM, which improve upon the typical baffled construction found in most sleeping mats.

Sleep is critically important to your mental and physical performance.   18 consecutive hours without sleep, for example, affects your reaction time, memory, focus, spatial orientation, concentration and can even cause visual hallucinations.  Shortened or fragmented sleep over several days can also amplify these effects.  The outcome can be dangerous for your health and safety on just about any outdoor excursion.

Sea to Summit - Air Sprung CellsThe technology behind the Sea to Summit Sleeping Mats is the key to its differentiation.  Many common sleeping mats are made from numerous chambers in tubular, prismatic or box-like shapes called baffles.  Added insulation or heat reflective layers can sometimes bunch together or tear in this type of construction.  Sea to Summit, on the other hand, has developed a dot-weld pattern of independently working cells.  It’s similar to a pocket spring mattress designed for orthopaedic comfort that conforms to your body shape and attempts to limit the downside of bunching and tearing.

Sea to Summit - Sleeping Mats RangeTo produce a wide range of Sleeping Mats, Sea to Summit alters the number of layers of Air Sprung Cells.  Ultralight has a single layer, which weighs only 325 grams (11.5 ounces) for the non-insulated Small.  The Comfort Plus is two layers.  And the Comfort Light is a hybrid of the two, with a second layer only for the torso where it’s needed most, not the head or legs.  For the insulated versions, Sea to Summit adds both Invista’s Thermolite, an insulating fibre lofted in the Air Sprung Cells, as well as Texland & Nexko’s Exkin Platinum, a non-woven fabric with a thin metalised layer that reflects radiant heat loss back towards your body.  All of this gives you numerous options depending on the type of activity and weather.

The Sleeping Mats are part of Sea to Summit’s Sleep Systems category of products that also include an extensive range of Sleeping Bags, Liners and Pillows.  Prices range from around A$125 for the Ultralight Sleeping Mat up to A$250 for the Comfort Plus Insulated Mat at specialty outdoor stores such as Paddy Pallin, Mainpeak, Backpacking Light, Wild Earth and many others.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Sea to Summit Media Images

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