Elephants and Robots make Bags

E&R Cover Photo (Tajikistan with Logo)Bags for bikes, bags for backs, bags that go inside bags.  A new Australian brand, called Elephants and Robots, has begun designing custom-made bags for everyday adventures.  After completing an 18 month cycling trip from Scotland to Cambodia, Marty Gordon, a former product designer behind the Elephants and Robots concept, is now back in Melbourne making bags for others to enjoy.  Based on their own extreme experiences, Elephants and Robots can make bags for just about any purpose – street bags, tool bags, phone bags, bike bags and numerous other styles.

E&R SewingThe Elephants and Robots ethos is to make simple, functional and practical products.  You also notice the quality of the finish and the care that goes into each bag, many of which are exclusive one-offs from handpicked fabrics.  Marty still uses a 1957 Singer sewing machine for the purpose.  His skills go beyond bags, as well, having handmade a custom tent, for example, to live in the outdoors for a season at one of Australia’s ski resorts.

One of the Elephants and Robots mainstays is the Iris May Zip Sack to carry your bike tools, first aid kit, passport, paperwork and so forth.  The bags are usually made with a canvas outer to give it a beautiful, durable look and a Silnylon lining for tear resistance.  Larger day bags and over the shoulder packs also have a similar look and feel for carrying larger items.

E&R Product RangeElephants and Robots use a custom order enquiry system. Email your design ideas through the Make Contact page on their website to get started.  Zip sacks start at $25 including postage throughout Australia.  Day bags range up to $140.  International enquiries are also welcome.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Elephants and Robots Media Images

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