Bikerax – Bike Racks as Furniture

Bikerax - 2 BikesA lot of keen cyclists have multiple, and often expensive, bikes.  One of our gear testers, Ironman athlete Phil Sawyer, keeps his in the living room.  There’s usually one connected to his indoor cycling trainer, another leaning up against a wall.  Sometimes you’ll find one in the dining room.  In urban environments like his, storage becomes a problem given space limitations.  Bikerax is attempting to change our perceptions of how to store these ‘prized possessions’.  By creating bike racks that are essentially a piece of furniture, Bikerax allows you to organise and proudly display your bikes in your home.

Bikerax - Apartment FurnitureI came across Bikerax at the half-yearly Melbourne Design Market, which is more about homewares, accessories, textiles and fashion, than the Outdoor Industry.  But Bikerax is that cross between the two.  Made from a structural plywood, it’s best to keep it dry.  If you plan to store the Bikerax on a balcony, for example, make sure there’s a bit of cover.  And while it appears immediately suitable for road and commuter bikes, I prefer to clean my mountain bike before bringing it inside, which is better for the Bikerax, as well.  You may also want to pair it with a product like the Frameskin Wrap to keep it from slipping on wooden floors.

Bikerax - Flat PackBikerax is still a local company that designs and makes the product in Melbourne.  Bikerax will, however, ship internationally.  The rack comes flat packed for simple assembly.  There’s no glue or screws, just four pieces of a puzzle that fit together to create the rack.  There are currently four sizes that hold anything from 1 to 5 bikes.  Weight varies according to the size from 2.5 Kg (5.5 Pounds) up to 7 Kg (15.4 Pounds).  Prices also vary from A$119 RRP for the 1 bike MiniRax up to A$210 RRP for the 5 bike MaxRax.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Bikerax Media Images

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