Quad Lock Bike Mount – Twist, Lock and Go!

Southern Ascent - Quad Lock (Stem Mount)With an increasing number of cycling apps, iPhones and smartphones are becoming an alternative to cycling computers.   That said, you’ll need to safely secure the phone to your bike to get real use out of it.  Designed in Australia and launched via Kickstarter, the Quad Lock Mounting System is fast becoming a popular option with cyclists.  Designed originally for the iPhone 4/4S, the Quad Lock can be easily attached to most bikes, safely securing a smartphone in place for use on your rides.  Annex Products, the Australian company behind the Quad Lock, has also released versions geared for the iPhone 5/5S and 5C, Galaxy S4, and a universal adaptor for other devices, such as a Go Pro.

The best feature of the Quad Lock is its simplicity.  The mounting system comes with a case for your phone, a spring-loaded mount and industrial strength EPDM rubber o-rings to secure the unit in place (most cyclists prefer placing the mount on the stem or handlebars).  It’s easy to attach and release the phone.  The back of the case has a molded section that fits onto the mount.  The phone locks into place by lining up the back section at a 45’ angle to the mount, pushing down and rotating a quarter turn.  Both portrait and landscape orientations are possible.

Southern Ascent - Quad Lock (Components)The Quad Lock is also strong, lightweight and durable.   In tests, the Annex Products team managed to lift 60 kg (132 lbs) by using a forklift to pull up on a Bike Mount secured to a set of barbells. The casing for the iPhone 5/5S has been upgraded, as well, from a 100% polycarbonate hard shell designed for the iPhone 4/4S to an overmolded TPU outer shell with a polycarbonate core for the iPhone 5/5S, adding a bit more impact protection.  A form-fitting poncho is available for water resistance, though there has been some discussion around the potential loss of touch sensitivity under certain conditions.

The Annex Products founders, Chris Peters, an Industrial Designer, and Rob Ward, a former Toolmaker and marketing specialist, continue to add products and accessories to the Quad Lock range.  On top of the Bike kit comes a Sports Armband for runners, joggers or at the gym, a belt clip, heart monitor, car mount, tripod adaptor and more.  The iPhone 5/5S Bike Mount Kit retails for US$69.95. Product is priced in US Dollars and can be shipped worldwide (free shipping to Australia, UK and US for orders over $35).  Quad Lock will also accept Bitcoin through BitPay.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Quad Lock Media Images

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