Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp. ReChargeable. ReImagined

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp (Backcountry Skiing)Black Diamond’s ReVolt is helping redefine versatility in rechargeable headlamps.  Something of an evolution on previous products, such as the Black Diamond Spot and Black Diamond Storm, the ReVolt improves upon their best features.  The result touches upon the panacea of compact, rechargeable headlamps that have to be lighter weight, more powerful and more durable to match the needs of intense, demanding outdoor activities.

Black Diamond ReVolt HeadlampWhile the ReVolt is competitive with each of its features, such as lumen output, rechargeable batteries, and so forth, it’s really the combination of these features and ease of use that make the Revolt stand out.  The weight is just 97g (3.4 oz), light enough to need only the one adjustable strap (no extra top strap).  The housing is water resistant and should withstand spraying or splashing water (rated IPX4).  And control over the various functions is all from a single button at the top.

None of that matters, of course, if the headlamp isn’t powerful.  The ReVolt gives you multiple options.  The central TriplePower LED kicks out a bright 110 lumens with 3 AAA alkaline batteries, and a beam distance up to 70 metres.  This should be sufficient for lighting a dark, rocky trail.  At the sides, the ReVolt has four SinglePower LEDs.  The two white LEDs give a much more sustained output at a lower brightness up to 9 metres.  Best for in and around a tent or checking a map or compass.  The other two LEDs are red to provide additional night vision.   The alkaline batteries should last up to 70 hours on a maximum burn and 300 hours on low.

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp USB ConnectionAnother important feature of the ReVolt headlamp is the inclusion of 3 AAA Black Diamond NiMH rechargeable batteries.  These can be recharged using a laptop, solar charger or outlet in the car.  A mini-USB socket on the side of the housing makes recharging simple.  The ReVolt also has an indicator light that gives an idea of how much battery life remains.  Beware that rechargeable batteries are not as bright as straight alkaline batteries (Black Diamond’s are nickel metal hybrids) and will burn for a shorter period of time.

The biggest downside to battery power, in general, not just for Black Diamond, is the declining light at maximum output.  This means you’ll slowly lose brightness and beam distance from the moment the TriplePower LED is turned on.  The ReVolt has a dimming feature, however, that allows you to adjust the power to retain a lower level of light for longer, fine for lower speed activities such as walking or hiking (YouTube Video).

Black Diamond is distributed in Australia by Sea-to-Summit, and in New Zealand by Southern Approach.  The ReVolt headlamp can be found at specialist retailers in both countries, such as Paddy Pallin in Australia for A$99.95 and Bivouac in NZ for NZ$99.90, as well as numerous online outlets.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Black Diamond Media Images

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