Flamestick – One of Many AceCamp Outdoor Accessories

AceCamp Brand OverviewThere is a category of Outdoor products simply called Accessories that comprise a large range of miscellaneous essentials to make your hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits far easier and better.  AceCamp designs, manufactures and distributes a long list of these products including cooking sets, gas stoves, cutlery, knives, shovels, tent pegs, compasses, dry sacks, emergency essentials, and many more.

One of the lead products for AceCamp is the Flamestick, a waterproof fire starter that looks like a small popsicle stick.  The Flamestick is a non-toxic, odourless method of starting a campfire, camp stove or BBQ.  Simply putting several flamesticks together is also enough to produce heat to cook an egg or boil a cup of water.  Each stick lasts approximately 5 minutes.  And a 20 pack of Flamesticks weighs only 40g, making it easy to carry and store in your pack.  The only downside is you’ll need to produce fire with a match or lighter to actually set the Flamestick alight.  But AceCamp also makes both brass and aluminium waterproof matchboxes that weigh as little as 30g.

AceCamp FlamesticksThe key to the Flamestick is the use of a recycled thermoplastic called polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA).  This is the same material used to make acrylic glass under brands such as Plexiglass, Perspex and Lucite.  The molecular structure of PMMA is carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.  When PMMA burns, at about 360 C, it creates a bright flame that is nearly smokeless.  As by-products, PMMA can only release combinations of its molecular structure in forms such as carbon-dioxide and water vapour.  PMMA’s chemical composition contains no toxic substances, so it can’t produce harmful chemicals such as BPA or sulfur dioxide in the process.  The Flamestick is manufactured in Europe under EU regulations.

Founded over a decade ago by Ray Hou and headquartered in Shanghai, China, AceCamp continues to expand globally.  In 2008, the company opened an office in Frankfurt, Germany and has most recently added a US office in Salt Lake City run by Michael Beverly, a long-time industry expert, formerly with brands such as Easton Mountain Products.  AceCamp products can generally be found in Australia and New Zealand through online e-tailers or online businesses specializing in drop shipments from overseas.

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