Carrera’s Latest Innovations in Ski Goggles and Helmets

Carrera SportWhile Carrera may be better known for chic Italian sunglasses and sports eyewear, the company has also been just as actively involved in the Outdoor and SnowSports Industries.  Since its founding in 1956, Carrera has had a long history of innovation for the outdoor athlete, with its first big ski Goggle and Helmet collection being introduced as far back as the early 1970s, including interchangeable lenses dating to 1974.  Numerous World and Olympic ski champions have worn Carrera, which still sponsors some of the world’s best ski racers today.  The company added a cycling eyewear and helmet collection in 1990 that has been worn in many of the great cycling races, such as Paris-Roubaix, the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.

The most recent range of gear for 2013 continues this tradition, including innovations in ski and snowboard Goggles and Helmets, and a clever design for a foldable bicycle Helmet.

Carrera Goggles - MPS Adjustable Nose BridgeFor the 2012/2013 ski season in the Northern Hemisphere, Carrera released a ski and snowboard Goggle called the Crest, which included an adjustable nose bridge to ensure a perfect fit on a wide range of face and nose shapes.  Called the Multiple Positioning System (MPS), Carrera’s innovation consisted of small flanges around the nose that allowed the nose bridge to be narrowed or widened.  For 2013/2014, the MPS is being improved.  Now called the MPS Evolution, to be offered with the Kimerik Reload Goggles, additional flanges have been added to offer vertical adjustment in the nose bridge, as well as the previous horizontal movements.

Carrera Helmets - M.A.S. SystemCarrera’s Freeride ski and snowboard Helmets have gone through a similar upgrade.  The Multi Air System (M.A.S.) combines three airflow technologies to create an advanced ventilation system to extract excess heat and humidity that can build up under a helmet during strenuous exercise.  The first part consists of Active Ventilation from 12 vents (6 on either side of the centre of the helmet) that can be adjusted for the desired amount of air intake to help cool you down.  Second is the Venturi System of 3 front-to-back air channels that passively, but continually remove heat and humidity build-up under the helmet. Third is the Vortex, a panel at the centre of the helmet that can be raised or lowered to further assist with optimal air flow.  For 2013/2014, M.A.S. is being offered in the Enigma Helmet, along with a number of other features such as Advansa’s Thermo Cool fabric in the lining.

Carrera Foldable Bike HelmetReleased in January, 2013, Carrera is now offering a Foldable Bike Helmet for city bike protection and easy storage.  Designed for European standards, so not available globally yet, the Foldable Bike Helmet consists of a flexible frame and elastic fitting system.  It collapses down like an accordion and comes with an adjustable belt to be used as a trouser loop when riding, or to clip the Helmet to your bike when not in use.

Carrera ski Goggles and Helmets are distributed in Australia by Rosbert International (Aust) Pty Ltd, founded in 1977 by a team of dedicated skiers.  Rosbert carries additional brands, such as Head, Gabel and Tyrolia, as well as MasterFit custom boot fitting.  In New Zealand, Carrera is distributed by Jones Bros Ltd, with more than 60 years of experience handling some of the biggest names in ski equipment, such as Blizzard, Nordica, Gabel and Tecnica.

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