Yurbuds Sport Earphones Do Not Fall Out

Yurbuds Inspire ProI can describe Yurbuds sport headphones in five words: They do not fall out!  While there are a number of other reasons why Yurbuds is one of the leading sport headphones on the market, the selling point for me is Yurbuds’ Twistlock Technology that ensures the ear pieces stay in place under the most intense workouts.  Tug downwards, they stay in place.  Sweat, they stay in place. By design, the only time they will come out is when pulled sideways, an action less likely to occur during even vigorous exercise.

Yurbuds also has a number of other unique qualities that make these sport headphones popular for just about any athletic or outdoor endeavour.  The ear pieces, or “ear enhancers”, have been scientifically researched.  Made of a soft, flexible silicon, they’ve been ergonomically designed to avoid the nerve rich areas of the ear for added comfort.  The ear enhancers also allow ambient noise in for better awareness and safety, and are sweat and water resistant. Yurbuds Ear Enhancers

I’ve had a pair of Yurbuds from their Ironman Series for nearly a year and a half.  They’re with me on most outdoor adventures when I want music for inspiration or motivation, on airline flights, and constantly connected to my iPod.  Since that first pair, Yurbuds has made even further improvements, adding Kevlar in the chord to enrich the sound quality, and a Dry Mic water-resistant, 3 button microphone to control both calls and music on your iPhone, Smartphone, or iPod.  The higher-end versions even come with a woven cloth cord to avoid irritating tangles.

Ironman Melbourne ExpoHaving made its debut in Australia at the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships in March, Yurbuds has now expanded to numerous retailers across the country.  The Distributor, Big Balloon, better known for importing toys such as Bob the Builder and Scooby Doo, has leveraged its vast retail contacts to make the product readily available to sporting enthusiasts.

Yurbuds can be found either on the Yurbuds Australia website or at retailers as diverse as Rebel Sport, Apple Stores and Myer.  The Inspire Duro and Inspire Pro w Dry Mic are priced at A$79.99 and A$89.99 respectively, and usually come with extra ear enhancers to ensure the fit is right.  In New Zealand, while some of the Yurbuds range is available at Apple Stores, for example, you’ll get a better deal using online sites like amazon.com in the US for the time being.

Don Jurries

Featured Photos:  Yurbuds Media Images

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