SKINS Compression Apparel

Founded in Australia, SKINS compression sportswear and apparel has an excellent reputation as being amongst the most advanced compression technology on the market. Compression gear in general is designed to enhance circulation, increase oxygen flow to the muscles, and help eliminate lactic acid build up and other metabolic wastes. The result is improved performance during workouts and assistance with recovery. SKINS has taken this one step further by creating Dynamic Gradient Compression, in cooperation with Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), which helps increase oxygen delivery to muscles while in motion. Previously, compression apparel was designed using static measurements.

The SKINS 400 Series of compression sportswear, for example, was created by taking 800,000 measurements of hundreds of athletes in full body 3D scans to pinpoint the top 400 areas on the body for a precision fit. The result is a precise, targeted, and comfortable piece of compression sportswear that fits a wide range of different body shapes and leg lengths. The garments are also tailored for specific sports, including cycling, triathlon, golf, snow, general sports and recovery.Each SKINS garment is made with Memory MX fabric, a high stretch yarn that provides constant, controlled compression while working out, and returns the garment to its original shape when finished. Warp knitted spandex, nylon and other high quality fabrics in the garment enhance moisture management, wicking sweat away from your skin to keep you dry. SKINS compression sportswear offers added benefits such as SPF 50+ UV protection, temperature control and odour reduction from a Ruc-bac antibacterial treatment. SKINS also offers a unique sizing guide for its compression sportswear to ensure you get the most out of the garment.

While now headquartered in Switzerland, I still consider SKINS as truly Australian, with maverick Australian entrepreneur Jaimie Fuller retaining the Chairman’s role. I’ve been wearing the SKINS Sport Men’s Compression Long Tights for almost a year during sport and recovery and feel the difference. Available in numerous stores across Australia, retail prices vary depending on the garment, but range from A$60 for the A400 Compression Sleeves, A$170 for the A400 Compression Long Tights and A$330 for the new and revolutionary Triathlon suit.

In New Zealand, SKINS is distributed by Brandex Adventure Sports and is available at Bivouac, R&R Sport, Stirling Sports and numerous other retailers.

Don Jurries
(Portions of this article first appeared on the Southern Ascent affiliate, The GearCaster, dated August 10, 2011)

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