Welcome to Southern Ascent

Welcome to Southern Ascent.  Our goal is to create the go-to information source for innovative Outdoor and SnowSports gear news, gear reviews and gear trends with a connection to Australia and New Zealand.  In talking to manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve heard over and over how there is no centralised, comprehensive source for information on gear and equipment for Outdoor and SnowSports Industry professionals and consumers.   We’ve been doing this for years in North America at our award-winning affiliate, The GearCaster, and are now bringing this formula to the southern hemisphere.

We’ve spent the last year based in Melbourne, Australia on behalf of The GearCaster, attending trade shows, gear testing and writing numerous gear reviews from an Australian and New Zealand perspective.  With Southern Ascent, we plan to take this further, providing more in-depth articles and regional profiles on the companies, associations, magazines and industry professionals involved in designing, manufacturing, distributing and writing about Outdoor and SnowSports gear and equipment.  And there are many.  Australia and New Zealand are known for innovation in the Outdoor and SnowSports Industries.  Major companies, such as Icebreaker, Sea-to-Summit, Kathmandu, Macpac, XTM, SKINS, 2XU, and Kakadu Traders are headquartered or got their start here.  So are a large number of emerging companies creating new, innovative Outdoor and SnowSports gear technologies.

Our endeavour is not without its challenges.  The Outdoor and SnowSports Industries are broad, covering a range of outdoor activities and adventures as diverse as hiking, trekking, tramping and bushwalking, camping, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, trail running, and paddle sports.  The largest Outdoor and SnowSports trade shows around the world can have over 2,000 exhibitors.  That equates to a lot of gear to sort through.  But within all this, our aim is to bring you what‘s new and innovative, helping industry professionals understand Outdoor and SnowSports gear trends, and helping consumers with your choice of gear for your next outdoor adventure.

Our overriding belief at Southern Ascent is that the gear you chose can be the difference between an average and an exceptional Outdoor or SnowSports experience.

Don Jurries

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